24 May, 2024

STP Shipyard Palma's quest to be one of Europe's safest refit yards

Palma, 15th may 2024.


Coinciding with the World Day for Safety and Health at Work, STP Shipyard Palma, in partnership with ADSUM and Fraternidad Muprespa, last week held its second Safety Day aimed at workers who regularly operate at STP.


This day was designed to raise awareness among employees and workers of the importance of wearing respiratory protective equipment during refit jobs to avoid exposure to volatile chemical agents, among other factors, which directly affect health.


With the slogan "A well fitted mask means healthy lungs", STP set out to raise awareness and inform workers about the importance not just of having the right respiratory protection, but also of knowing how to use it properly, thereby keeping it effective in the event of exposure to pollutants.


To publicise these good practices, information talks and training actions were carried out at the PRL and ADSUM offices, with the added possibility of carrying out a leak test with authorised technicians.

This test included a first part explaining the main guidelines of maintenance, storage, and cleaning of respiratory protective equipment, and especially the right way to wear and use a mask, followed by a second part in which each worker carried out a leak test to assess the proper fit of the mask.

The AccuFit 9000 Pro fit tester was used for the leak test. This device is a pioneer in Mallorca for leak tests and for the assessment of the proper use of masks.


The interest shown and the level of attendance were both very positive. Employees and workers of companies operating at STP actively participated and aired their concerns and questions related to this issue, as they are fully aware of the importance of these tests for their everyday work.


José Carlos Rodríguez, Manager of ADSUM, Rafael Reyes, Prevention Consultant at Fraternidad-Muprespa, and Jesús Domínguez, Director of Safety and HR at STP, positively valued the benefits of the Safety Day and showed their interest in repeating it regularly in the future.

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