27 February, 2024

STP Shipyard Palma supports the Balearic Superyacht Forum in its official presentation

The Balearic Superyacht Forum is now a reality, and STP Shipyard Palma, together with the IPM Group, provides all its support. This Group has been working on promoting the Balearic Islands as a destination for a long time and in fact, was the promoter and founder of the Balearic Yacht Destination association whose main objective was to promote the islands as an excellent nautical destination for enjoyment and also for repair. After years of effort and dedication to this promotion, next April 24th and 25th this great international meeting will see the light, organized by the Balearic Marine Cluster, with the focus on the superyacht industry in the Balearic Islands as a 360 destination

 Representing STP Shipyard Palma and the IPM Group, Isabel Martínez, Commercial Director of the IPM Group, attended the presentation held at the Chamber of Commerce, who provided a vision of the destination to work together among all the Balearic Islands

 During her presentation, Martínez expressed that, clients do not come just to moor because they like a marina, they has had previously known Mallorca and the very wide range of services that we can offer them. The value chain is always present, and the nautical sector is sold as a whole. Currently we promote all the facilities we have in the archipelago jointly, given that this is the natural tendency of the client who visits Mallorca; not only comes to Mallorca but to spend a few days on the other Islands. For this reason, we believe that joint promotion work for the Balearic Islands is essential

 On this point, Martínez has rightly emphasized that, promoting the Balearic Islands as a whole, as a nautical destination, offers a series of advantages that range from the diversification of the tourist offer to the simplification of logistics and the strengthening of the destination brand. This can contribute to the sustainable development and economic growth of the region as a whole

 To this idea were added other topics that provided great interest related to the sector such as economic figures, the impact of the nautical industry on the GDP, the productivity of the sector, the relationship with the Administration, educational training and the local workforce, as well as the importance of human kindness and warmth, the conservation of boats, or the professionalism of industrialists, which will be developed in greater depth, among others, during April 24th and 25th at the Balearic Superyacht Forum

 Looking back

 It should be noted that STP Shipyard Palma and Marina Ibiza, both part of the IPM Group, have been working for almost 10 years in the promotion of the Balearic destination, being founding partners of the Balearic Yacht Destination created in 2015, and that over the years has added members both in this association as in the Balearic Marine Cluster

 A look to the future

 With this solid base of promoting the Islands as a competitive and very complete destination for recreational boating and repair boating, the Balearic Superyacht Forum is a tool so that the Balearic Marine Cluster can work on influential aspects in the future of the nautical industry and put the Balearic Islands in the international spotlight

 Patrick Reynés, CEO of the IPM Group, has expressed that this first forum will be a platform for great prescribers to visit us and learn, first hand, what the Balearic Islands represent at the level of nautical tourism and industry. It is very good that it coincides with the Palma International Boat Show and the Superyacht Village, so that all the people who come get to know the industry, the facilities, and what the city has to offer. It will be a great success, and if it continues to be repeated from time to time and professionalized, the forum will attract more and more attention and will be a coup of strength for the industry, and also for the city

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