politica medioambiental

We are committed to a healthy environment

At STP Shipyard Palma we strive to reduce the impact of all the activities that take place at our facilities, seeking to minimise the risk of environmental pollution.

The facilities are designed with:

  • a drainage network throughout the entire site
  • a collection network for oil-contaminated and black waters
  • settling tanks
  • anti-pollution barriers
  • waste collection and a sorting centre
Nuestra política medioambiental a su servicio

To achieve this, we implement a range of different measures:

Staff training:
  • STP offers its workers regular training and activities to increase environmental awareness.
  • Emergency environmental drills are carried out in order to be prepared in the event of any emergency.
Waste management:
  • The shipyard has a selective waste point to recycle basic refuse such as paper, plastics and glass plus more contaminating matter such as oils, filters, batteries, contaminated packaging, WEEE, bulky waste, etc.
  • This waste is managed by an authorised operator.
Consumption control:
  • We control the impact our activity generates on the environment thanks to our Inscription in the Carbon Footprint Registry.

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