22 November, 2022

STP Shipyard Palma presents its open shipyard model to Interterritorial Council of International Expansion

Joan Rosselló, Manager of STP Shipyard Palma, Carlos Albons Llompart, Head of Production, and Jesús Domínguez, Director of Security and HR, recently welcomed participants of the Interterritorial Council of International Expansion to the STP facilities to show them how Europe's largest open yard for superyachts works.

 The Interterritorial Council for International Expansion is a forum for debate and knowledge exchange formed by central government agencies, the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism, dignitaries from Spain's regional governments, representatives of the private sector and chambers of commerce, and representatives from the PROEXCA, ICEX, IPEX, IDI and DGPE associations.

 The attendees were taken on a tour around the hardstanding to find out about the repair zones, both on land and in the water, and see the manoeuvres of one of Europe's largest travel lifts, which can lift yachts of up to 1,000 tons.

 During the visit, they were told about the operation of the repair area and STP’s 'open shipyard' model, where more than 500 refit and repair companies and 1500 industry experts work on repair projects. This creates a highly specialised space where each yacht can choose which contractors it wants to work with on its refit and repair project.

 The visitors also saw how superyachts require a lot of knowledge and specialisation in each refit phase due to their incredible complexity, which is why certain projects can involve more than one hundred companies. This feat is only possible at a handful of shipyards around the world, hence the fact that STP Shipyard Palma has become an international benchmark for yacht refit and repair.

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