12 June, 2024

STP Shipyard Palma installs two electric car charging stations powered by renewable energy

STP Shipyard Palma provides its customers with two electric car charging stations at its facilities to encourage the use of this type of vehicle.

The electricity to charge vehicles comes from solar panels installed on the roof of the Espigón de la Consigna building.

In keeping with its policy of implementing environmental measures, STP Shipyard Palma also follows other lines of action aimed at protecting the environment, eliminating environmental pollution, reducing carbon footprint, and promoting the circular economy.
 Palma, 27 February 2024
STP Shipyard Palma has installed two charging points for electric cars at its facilities to encourage its customers to use low-emission vehicles to drive around Mallorca. The measure is part of the yard's environmental care programme.

The yard has created two parking spaces equipped with a double vehicle charging station for mode 3 charging (semi-fast) with single-phase power supply at 230 V and 50 Hz frequency, 2x7.4 kw power, with two 32A type 2 sockets. This means that electric vehicles can be charged quickly and safely while at the shipyard. 

The most interesting thing about this charging station is that it's powered by the 217 solar panels of 550 watts (generating a total of 147,101 kWh per year) installed on the roof of the Espigón de la Consigna building, which together with an earlier installation of 228 panels generate a total of 300,715 kWh per year, also providing power to some of the yachts docked at STP for refits. 

This new sustainable measure sets out to facilitate the charging of electric vehicles for customers and for professionals working at the yard. This measure complements STP's year-round actions to curb environmental pollution, aimed at minimising the negative impact generated by industrial activity.

These actions include, in the first place, reducing and/or eliminating direct pollution in the environment, both in the water and in the air. This has been achieved thanks to various actions. One is that polluting fluids are no longer discharged into the sea. Others are the installation of tents for each refit job to protect the environment, the quest for zero air pollution, and the management of solid waste by authorised handlers so that it can be properly recycled.

What's more, work has been done on reducing the carbon footprint generated by refit & repair activities. For example, solar panels have been installed to supply part of the electricity required by yachts at the yard, combustion machinery has been replaced by electric machinery, clean energies have been adopted, and the electric car charging stations have been created to encourage customers to reduce their carbon footprint through the use of electric vehicles.

STP Shipyard Palma also implements various measures to promote the circular economy among its customers and companies working at the yard. These include giving a second life to materials, yachting equipment, furniture, clothing, food, etc. that yachts can no longer use for the next season through donations to NGOs and charities across Mallorca. Meanwhile, the yard provides employees with training and awareness-raising tools so that they understand the importance of caring for the environment through good environmental practices.

In line with this environmental plan, the yard is registered in the United Nations Global Compact, a commitment to align its strategies on vitally important matters like the environment, labour principles, and the fight against corruption, with the UN mandate to promote the Sustainable Development Goals in the business world. What's more, the STP holds ISO 9001 (quality), ISO 14001 (environmental) and ISO 45001 (occupational health and safety) certifications, while also being certified in the Carbon Footprint Registry to measure its impact.

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