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Marina Port de Mallorca and Marina Palma Cuarentena’s workers are trained to act in case of emergency

Marina Port de Mallorca and Marina Palma Cuarentena’s staff received a course of self protection and emergency act in case of extremely urgency. The courses included a theoretical and a practical section in which they were trained to use fire extinguishers, hoses, hydrants and pumps. In addition, staff from both marinas implemented the protocol of action for emergencies with a fire drill and a hydrocarbon spill drill.

The fire drill was practiced on a vessel in Marina Port de Mallorca’s facilities. Palma’s Firefighters atended the drill as well as two extras who parcitipated as injured. During this intense activity, all members showed off their knowledge using all kind of devices to extinguish a fire, as well as giving first aid to a wounded person.

All courses and drills that IPM Group employees receive annually, are based on the common goal of providing the best quality, service and safety to customers of all the marinas and shipyards of the Group. Therefore, all personnel working on site must be prepared to act successfully in a situation of emergency.

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