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STP participates in an interesting workshop on the outlook for sailing held by the Balearic Islands Government at Palma de Mallorca Chamber of Commerce

Patrick Reynés, manager of Marina Port de Mallorca and Managing Director of STP, took part yesterday in a workshop held by the Government at the Chamber of Commerce to analyse the yacht-chartering sector after the removal of the registration tax on these craft.

These sessions were chaired by the President of the Balearic Islands Government, José Ramón Bauzá, who was joined by the Minister of Tourism, the Minister of the Economy, the Director-General of Ports, the President of the Chamber of Commerce, the Director-General for Institutional Relations and the manager of Balearic Islands Ports.

Besides Patrick Reynés, the line-up of speakers included Patricia Bullock, Marta Iglesias, Antonio Zaforteza, Miguel Angel Serra and León von Ondarza, all of them great experts in the sector.

Reynés and the other speakers were all of one mind about one thing: the Balearic Islands have extraordinary potential and masses of appeal for the chartering sector and could generate substantial economic growth within all aspects of recreational sailing (moorings and services). The removal of the registration tax promises to be the start of a pleasing upward trend; however, the most important thing is to keep the momentum going and to take good care of the thousand or so craft of over 24 metres LOA which come here in search of a chartering spot in the Mediterranean, so as to keep them coming.

President José Ramón Bauzá expressed his support for the rebellion against the increase in the famous 0 Rate, since it only places the dampers on the natural growth that the Balearic Islands should be experiencing in the Mediterranean following the removal of the registration tax.

STP (Servicios Técnicos Portuarios-Harbour Technical Services), based in Palma Harbour, is one of Europe's most secure and forward-looking boatyards. On this hi-tech site, boats of up to 120 metres LOA are repaired and refitted using travelifts for up to 700 tonnes equipped with the latest controls, guaranteeing the highest standards of quality and efficiency, and a team of marine engineers who, along with the best specialist firms in the sector, represent the high added value that the site delivers to its users.

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