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Opening of the new exhibition at the Ibiza Art Guide gallery in the Marina Ibiza pop-up stores

From 2nd to 21st February, Marina Ibiza will be exhibiting the latest works by Robert Arató, a Slovakian artist resident in Ibiza, in one of its pop-up stores managed by Ibiza Art Guide. The artist, multidisciplinary and prolific in works with different facets, is exhibiting paintings of seascapes full of power and colour.

But Arató is not renowned for his seascapes alone. His international prestige stems not only from his paintings but also from his work as an illustrator, photographer and video artist, amongst other genres.


The opening will take place from 16:00 onwards, and on the days that follow the gallery will open from Tuesday to Friday from 12:00 to 14:00 and on Saturday and Sunday from 12:00 a 20:00 hours.


With this new initiative, Marina Ibiza is seeking to generate content of interest to those who overwinter on the island for which purpose it is taking advantage of the life that the units which stay open all year round put into the site.


The Bistró Calma and the Cappuccino Gran Café are the two restaurants open all year round at the marina, and this opportunity to eat out is complemented by the leisure and entertainment activities led by RRM Ibiza with its excursions in luxury vehicles exploring parts of the island that most visitors don't know exist, and the shopping experience that is to be had at the exclusive Ibiza Blue outlet.


This will be a welcome opportunity for those wishing to make the most of a unique site on the island.


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