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The Moroccan Minister of Equipment, Transport and Logistics remarks on the quality of STP's facilities during his visit yesterday

Yesterday Minister Aziz Rabbah toured the STP site accompanied by his delegation and the company's executives and was favourably impressed by the size, the internal operating logistics and the quality of STP's facilities. The visit gave rise to an intention of future collaboration between STP and the Moroccan Government.

With the aim of fostering business relations with our islands, the Moroccan Minister of Equipment, Transport and Logistics attended a meeting with leading entrepreneurs of the Balearic Islands arranged by Mohamed Harit, Moroccan Consul in the Balearic Islands.

He was interested in touring STP during his travels since it has an international reputation as a recreational sailing site. Jose María Campuzano and Patrick Reynés, representing the IPM group, together with STP's manager, Joan Roselló, escorted the Moroccan minister around the whole site to shown him STP's modus operandi; they were also joined by Alberto Pons, President of the Balearic Islands Port Authority.

The quality of the facilities, the internal operating logistics and the size of the site were remarked upon by the Alaouite minister, who expressed keen interest in fostering relations with the company in the future to allow it to export its experience to the tourism and recreational sailing sector in his country.

Looking ahead to the joint investment platform between the two governments which it is hoped will come out of this meeting, STP's executives pledged their full cooperation and know-how with the aim of sharing investment and business opportunities between the two countries.

STP (Servicios Técnicos Portuarios-Harbour Technical Services), based in Palma Harbour, is one of Europe's most secure and forward-looking boatyards. On this hi-tech site, boats of up to 120 metres LOA are repaired and refitted using travelifts for up to 700 tonnes equipped with the latest controls, guaranteeing the highest standards of quality and efficiency, and a team of marine engineers who, along with the best specialist firms in the sector, represent the high added value that the site delivers to its users.

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