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Charity Barbecue in STP for Captains, crews and workers.

About 500 people attended the charity barbecue organized by STP last Friday. This event is the start of the “Operation Kilo”, already performed last year in which over 800 kilos of clothes, toys and food were collected, record that this year is expected to be exceeded.

Likewise, it was also being celebrated the start of a new season that has all the signs of being very positive. Until today, more than 100 boats entered the shipyard to carry out maintenance and repair and therefore STP decided to welcome, with an endearing party, all the captains and crews dealing with these jobs together with partner companies that operate within their facilities.

The barbecue, which began at 5 o'clock, managed to gather all crews and workers from STP, which enjoyed well into the night thanks to the good atmosphere, the delicious food that was served and the live music that made more than one dance. After the party, all the things recollected and money gathered was taken to STP´s reception where the solidarity boxes for making donations will remain until December 20th, date in which everything will be delivered to the Rotary Club of Majorca and redistributed among Organización Zaqueo, Asociación de antiguos alumnos de Montesión and Fundación Deixalles.

This event coincides with an optimistic year in which forecasts are very positive since STP has hung the “Full” sign until the month of April. It stands out the considerable increase in lengths of vessels over 30 metres although the presence of sailboats and half-lengths have also increased lately. In addition, the abolition of the tax enrolment for vessels exceeding 15 metres promises to be an important reason for receiving new sailors and positioning the Balearic Islands as a competitive destination.

STP is actively involved in these kind of events aimed at clients and employees as a sign of appreciation and gratitude for their trust. This event has been one of the various activities scheduled throughout the year which are usually announced in the shipyard and on the social networks: Facebook and Twitter

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