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The Concierge Service of Marina Port de Mallorca offered a wine tasting event for its customers and employees.

On the 3rd of July around 40 people gathered on the premises of Marina Port de Mallorca to participate in the Summer Wine Tasting 2013 organized by the port´s Concierge Service.

Captains, clients and workers of the Marina did not want to miss this event which was very successful thanks to the coordination between Marina Port and partner companies of the Concierge Service that every day is taking more weight in the Marina, consolidating itself as a great added value to the customer service. 

In this celebration different varieties of wine and cheese were served, accompanied also by an exquisite catering provided by partner companies of the IPM group. The supply of wines as well as the gastronomic offer in the event are services usually offered by our Concierge for all customers of our facilities. 

Marina Port de Mallorca actively participates in this type of events aimed at clients and employees as a sign of appreciation and gratitud, but above all, with the aim of creating a community of friends who can find in the Marina and in their stay a special value.

This celebration has been one of the various social activities scheduled throughout the year by the port which are usually announced in advance in our own marina and social networks.

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