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IPM Group launches its exclusive "Concierge" service in all of its nautical facilities.

IPM Group already offers the "IPM Group Concierge Service" a personalized service without limits directed to all customers of our facilities at Marina Port de Mallorca, Marina Palma Cuarentena, Marina Ibiza, STP, Varadero Valencia, Varadero Ibiza and Pinturas Monzó.

From now on, any client located in our facilities of the IPM Group can make with one call any type of request that they wish to receive in the marina or on board the boat during their stay or even before their arrival. The Concierge service is available all year round, and offers a quick and efficient response to any request that it receives from its customers at their receptions, whether its gastronomical, sporting, cultural or related to leisure, entertainment, car rentals, as well as technical issues related to the boat.

IPM Group provides the service of an exquisite selection of suppliers who guarantee the quality of products and services, with special advantages and discounts for all customers.

IPM Group consolidates itself as the most complete and competitive nautical facilities in the Mediterranean and an example of this is the new "Concierge" service which we have incorporated for our clients. To obtain more information about "IPM Group Concierge Service" visit the website

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