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STP Shipyard, one of the safest firms in the Balearic Islands

STP Shipyard has been selected to receive one of the 2012 CAEB Awards for Good Business Practices in the Prevention of Risks at Work. CAEB (the Confederation of Balearic Business Associations) selects for the award – now in its second year – those Balearic businesses which best incorporate health and safety at work into the overall management of the organization; which raise workers' awareness and adopt health-conscious and safe behaviours; and which give effective training geared towards awareness-raising.

The award recognizes STP's efforts to ensure safety at its extensive facilities, which over 1,000 vessels a year pass through to be repaired and refitted, and which include a total of 105,000 m² (70,000 m² on land and 35,000 m² on the water) for overhauling vessels of up to 60 m. LOA; 50 berths for up to 90 m. LOA; and 5 travelifts for hoisting vessels of up to 700 tonnes. 

Presentation of the Award to STP Shipyard

Mr. Josep Oliver, President of CAEB; Mr. Pedro Montero, Manager of the Foundation for the Prevention of Risks at Work; and Ms. Lourdes Cardona, Secretary of Promotion and Employment at the Balearic Ministry of the Economy presented the award to STP's representatives on 22 October at CAEB Palma. Professor Salvador del Rey, Fellow and President of the Cuatrecasas International Institute for Legal Strategy on Human Resources and Professor of Labour and Social Security Law at ESADE Law School, gave a talk on the system of corporate responsibilities for preventing risks at work. 

Safety is a key factor in STP's philosophy and that of all the companies in the IPM Group, which are committed to integrating the prevention of risks at work into their management systems by incorporating in their facilities the safety measures necessary to ensure safe conditions for their workers and clients. Indeed, STP is Lloyd’s-certified to ISO 9001:2008 Quality, ISO 14001:2004 Environment and OHSAS 18001:2007 Health and Safety at Work, and is an EFQM Excellence Award-winner.

This award is recognition of STP's endeavours to prevent risks at work, and an incentive for it to work for the safety of everyone who does their job on its premises. 

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