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Marina Port de Mallorca awarded due to lack of workplace accidents

Marina Port de Mallorca received a special recognition for its effective and verifiable contribution in reducing workplace accidents and prevention of occupational accidents and diseases.

Patrick Reynés, manager of the marina, received the badge given by María Antonia Sbert, Balearics Provincial Director, and by Carlos Sáez de Juan, Northeast Territorial Director of Fraternidad Muprespa.

To be a creditor of this distinction, companies must meet a series of requirements that are evaluated by Fraternidad Muprespa and also supported by the Directorate General for the Social Security. These requirements, linked directly to the reduction of labor accidents, also involve investment in prevention, comply with laws in terms of Occupational Health and Safety, and perform complementary actions.

This recognition is a stimulus for Marina Port de Mallorca to continue all efforts in Occupational Health and Safety through several activities that emphasize on caring for the staff, but also for its customers.

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