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How to save fuel before crossing to the Caribbean: STP Shipyard Palma offers the best conditions

This time of the year is when many boats get ready to cross the Atlantic and make season in the Caribbean.

STP Shipyard Palma is a benchmark that provides the best service in maintenance and repair before sailing but it also has a fuel station provided with high flow pumps which in addition to a fast service, offers the best economic conditions for the refueling prior to the crossing.

Located at Palma’s Bay, STP Shipyard Palma’s fuel station has 4 pumps of 80L / minute, and 2 high flow pumps of 250L / min at 100 meters of berthing to refuel from Monday to Sunday from 8.00 to 17.00. There are offers for quantity of litres loaded, and also, IPM Group clients will obtain additional benefitsin the invoice. These conditions are available at the reception of STP or directly at the fuel station itself.

Crossing the Atlantic requires weather planning, provisioning and maintenance of the vessel as well as refueling points for the itinerary, and STP Shipyard Palma is the safest and reliable option at your starting point.

For further information or special bookings contact +34 971 21 47 47 r by mail at

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