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Marina Port de Mallorca and Marina Palma Cuarentena put into action a fresh new recycling campaign

The awards and recognitions IPM Group marinas have been receiving lately have encouraged Marina Port de Mallorca and Marina Palma Cuarentena to continue with their magnificent work and social responsibility efforts dedicated to promoting good sea conduct.

As they are directly involved to the sea, their commitment to the environment is even greater, and their desire to avoid any additional sea life deaths due to feeding off of toxic sea waste, and maintaining the quality of the Mediterranean waters has propelled them into action. With this in mind, a recycling campaign has been put into action with all of its clients, collaborators and friends, giving away reusable bags, appropriately colour coded to sort plastic, paper, and glass waste on board, and to provide adequate means to eliminate these waste components once on land in the corresponding recycling bins available in the marinas.

Moreover, to reinforce good habits among the office staff and seamanship staff, the Management team promotes internal norms and practices in order to reduce the consumption of paper and toner, water, electricity, and to reduce toxic atmospheric emissions, and other toxic waste, as well as water contamination, while involving the clients in time to remind and caution them to collaborate.

To this end, waste is tracked, and data is assessed, keeping in mind the objective of continually reducing the environmental impact. For example, in 2014 Marina Port de Mallorca achieved a significant reduction in its energetic consumption thanks to the change in lighting fixtures in the marina and staff collaboration. They were also able to reduce their production of indirect waste by 8.09%.

Marina Port de Mallorca and Marina Palma Cuarentena hold various environmental recognitions for their efforts in minimizing the impact of port and boat activities on the prized Mallorcan backround.

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