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M/Y Paraiso, one of the few boats with a twin in water, trusts STP for its anual maintenance

In late March, STP Shipyard Palma received the visit of M/Y Paraíso for its annual maintenance. This superyacht of 47 meters in length usually attends STP every year for maintenance before summer. During the 24 days the boat remained in the shipyard, the rudder was repaired, anodes changed, and hull polishing was performed. They also reviewed the terms of insurance to keep in order as usual.

Captain Phillip Lougher commented, when you start a refit you don’t know when you’ll finish because what you have planned to do in three days ends up taking three weeks. You decide to change a piece and you realize you should change another one, and thus increases the work. In our refit last year we had to go out on a date, but we couldn’t do so, and the visits we had to receive spend their days on board at the shipyard. It was very curious but they spent a good time anyway.

While staying at STP Shipyard Palma, M/Y Paraíso had 6 people of the crew onboard: the Captain, a responsible for maintenance, two engineers, a sailor and a stewardess, and during sailing season they increase up to 9. As Phil said, “to live on the boat is very simple because you don’t have to worry about a hotel. In addition, the central location of the shipyard, we are close to everything, even a few hours flight from our homes".

M/Y Paraíso has a very interesting history, not only for having been designed by the renowned designer Jon Bannenberg in 1983, but by having a twin: Azteca, now called Lionwind. Also, having been built by two different shipyards of Feadship family De Vries and Van Lent, caused a competition seeking excellence in engineering and finishes. The launch of both vessels was somethig quite different because in those years they seemed superyachts from another galaxy.

Although some consider M/Y Paraíso was superior in its engineering system, others believed that M/Y Azteca was superior in its finishes, but the truth is that nobody ever  announced a winner.

About the power and engineering system of M/Y Paraiso, Captain Phil Lougher said that "some years ago engines were changed because it was a very fast boat but it also consumed lots of fuel, and with that change is now very economical". And this boat can reach a top speed of almost 22 knots.

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