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STP received GREENPEACE’s Rainbow Warrior in a technical stop

STP received Rainbow Warrior’ s visit –one of the three boats which belong to GREENPEACE- in a technical stop to repair its hydraulic davits, sails and change its tender.

This visit was part of the maintenance routine usually performed with the aim of preparing the boat for the next environmental campaign scheduled for January. This vessel is one of the more than 1.100 vessels which visited STP Shopyard Palma for refit or repairs throughout 2014, and until yesterday's date there have been more than 1.400 travelift movements. In addition, Rainbow Warrior is one of the 3.200 different vessels who passed through the facilities since its beginning in 2007.

Arrived from Greece and Malta, it goes to South Africa from where 30 people will depart aboard: 15 crew and 15 other people to conduct the campaign. The first officer, Hettie, is responsible for rigging, deck and life on board, because while activists do their work in defense of the environment, she and the crew are responsible for the Rainbow Warrior. According to Hettie, when they are in a campaign "sometimes you feel the pressure but I have never felt insecure. We show the things we believe should be changed, and people sometimes does not like it”.

This vessel is the flagship of Greenpeace. It was finished in 2011 and is the third one leading this powerful name. It is usually involved in environmental campaigns to prevent chemical and organic pollution of the seas. It also tracks pirate and illegal fishing, protest against nuclear energy, deforestation, promotes healthy agriculture and supports renewable energy.

Its predecessors, the Rainbow Warrior I was sunk by the French to avoid a protest against nuclear testing that would perform. And the Rainbow Warrior II was given away to a NGO in Bangladesh where it is used as a floating hospital. The other two vessels currently used by GREENPEACE are Esperanza and Arctic Sunrise.

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